ROOFINGSERVICESRoofing is a home’s biggest defense against weather. It shelters the home from wind, sun and most importantly, rain. A region’s weather and climate will determine which type of roof to build and which materials to use.

The height of the project and loose shingles can make roofing projects dangerous. To avoid complications midway through the project make sure all materials needed are on the roof.

Rough weather can leave wind damage and leaks. While most roofing jobs should be done by professionals, repair tasks are manageable by homeowners. Damaged shingles are a perfect example of this, as they can be easily removed and replaced. Shingles are a wood roofing material that is laid in overlapping sections. Weather is often the culprit of damaged shingles. Weather also makes vent fans and skylights susceptible areas on a roof for leaks. Installing flashing will help guard against future problems related to weather. In addition, a ridge cap should be installed to cover the roof vent at the top of the roof.

Installing and repairing roofing requires each shingle to be placed perfectly. Designed and executed correctly, the end result will provide proper weather protection. Handyman Matters can design, build and repair roofing to last and stand up to a climate’s harshest elements. Handyman Matters will also suggest the most appropriate roofing materials to use.

Roofing projects are challenging due to the height and coordination involved. Wind damage, leaks, vents and skylights lead to roof repairs. Ridge cap and flashing installation could prevent future repairs when installed properly the first time. Use the right materials and roofing type for maximum efficiency.